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Elizabeth Brown

Leo's Paw Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set

Leo's Paw Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set

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Let Your Cat Express Their Natural Hunting Instincts A bored cat that sleeps all day is an unhealthy cat. It's important to provide them with stimulating toys they can use even if you're not there. This cat toy set includes colorful birds with bells that catch your cat's eyes and attention and provide exercise and stimulation. With a self-holding base and a wire that flutters around as your cat paws and plays with the bird, it creates the perfect real-life bird impression that gives even more drift and attraction for your cat to play and attack. The best part is that it requires no interaction from you and your cat can play whenever they want. The suction cup base can be attached horizontally and vertically to any flat and hard surface such as hardwood floors or windows. Indulge your feline friends with this incredibly entertaining and safe bird toy that guarantees hours of joy. AtLeo's Paw, our #1 priority is your satisfaction and happiness. Order right now with confidence! Theres absolutely no risk in giving it a try.

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