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Elizabeth Brown

Maraska Sillvovica Plum Croatia Brandy - 750 ml bottle

Maraska Sillvovica Plum Croatia Brandy - 750 ml bottle

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The best ripe blue plums, cultivated in the rich soil of the Adriatic Hinterland, the second largest plum-growing region in the world, are specially fermented and then distilled to create Maraska Slivovitz, a pure, natural brandy. The usual term for Croatian plum brandy from the former Yugoslavia is Slivovitz. This legendary spirit dates back to the Middle Ages and is traditionally double-distilled. The fruit is harvested from trees that are at least 20 years old, and the mash is fermented in enormous 2,000-gallon tanks for three months. It is matured in specially treated 500-gallon oak casks for at least two years following a second distillation. Because Kosher Slivovitz is produced in accordance with stringent kosher regulations, it is suitable for Passover.

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